Provincial Groundwater Observation Well Network Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Provincial Groundwater Observation Well Network program provides monitoring of the water table and groundwater chemistry of aquifers and basins to support management, protection and sustainability of the groundwater resource and associated ecosystems.


The vision of the network is to collect, interpret and report high quality, reliable groundwater level and baseline chemistry data in a timely fashion.


The network monitors water conditions of key aquifers across the province to support the effective management, protection and sustainable use of our groundwater resources and associated ecosystems.

Monitoring Objectives

1. Understand local and regional hydrogeological processes and characteristics, including:

  • Groundwater and surface water relationships; recharge and discharge mechanisms, rates and timing in lowland and upland areas; impact of drought and flooding on groundwater
  • Fundamental aquifer and basin characteristics, such as water table and potentiometric levels, hydraulic conductivity, and water chemistry
  • Impact of short- and long-term effects of climate and climate change on groundwater levels.

2. Support effective use of groundwater and minimize conflicts between groundwater users by:

  • Helping to assess the impact of groundwater withdrawals in specific areas to determine if further groundwater withdrawal is possible without adverse effects
  • Helping to resolve water use conflicts, such as those between groundwater users and surface water users
  • Assessing the short- and long-term local and regional effects of human activity, such as pumping and construction of drainage works on groundwater levels, locally and regionally.