Buying or Selling Property that has a Water Well

It is important to seek and share information about the water well located on a property that you plan to buy or sell.

Asking questions about the well and water supply, and requesting copies of the well record and water quality test results can help you to gain a more complete understanding of the property.

Property owners should disclose:

  • A copy of the well record
  • Water quality test results
  • Pumping test or flow test results
  • Whether there are any wells on the property that have been closed

Your mortgage provider may request some of this information before agreeing to the transaction.

Property with a Water Licence

If there is a water licence attached to the property, ask for copies of

  • The water licence
  • A recent invoice, detailing annual water rentals and any unpaid or overdue amounts

When there is a water licence attached to the property, the licence and any associated water fees and rentals, including any overdue amounts, transfer to the new owner. Talk to the current owner and make a plan for paying any outstanding charges.

You can search the water rights databases to find out whether a water licence to use groundwater for any non-domestic purpose is attached to the property you are buying.