Automated Snow Weather Station Commentary

February 15, 2018

A bi-weekly commentary of snow conditions based on readings from the BC Automated Snow Weather Station (ASWS) network is published during the snow season.

Since the February 1 Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin the overall snowpack in the province increased.  A major snow storm moved through the Central Coast, Nechako, Upper Fraser, Thompson, Okanagan, Columbia and Kootenay regions last week.  The South Coast and Vancouver Island were relatively dry during this period.  The provincial average snow water equivalent (SWE), referenced to long-term average conditions for this period, has increased from 98% on February 1st to 105% on February 15th.  

For most regions in the province, the snowpack is near average to slightly above average (90%-120% of average).  The highest percentage snowpack for February 15 is the Lower Columbia (133%), which increased significantly from February 1 (112%).  The snowpack is below average in northern regions (40-80%).

On average nearly three-quarters of the provincial winter snowpack has accumulated by February 15th.

The 10-day weather forecast indicates moderate precipition over the upcoming weekend for the southern portions of the province, followed by a cold and dry period.

Download the detailed listing of all snow pillows here: ASP Weekly Summary.

The next Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin is planned for release by end of day March 8th 2018.