Current Water Levels and Flood Forecast Modeling

Current River Discharge & Water Level Information

Access the current hydrometric data:

Low Flow Conditions

COFFEE Model Forecasts

The COastal Fall Flood Ensemble Estimation (COFFEE) Model provides real-time flow forecasts for the next 5 days, which are updated when a rainfall event occurs to the coastal areas during the autumn-winter-spring seasons.

CLEVER Model Forecasts

The Channel Links Evolution Efficient Routing (CLEVER) Model provides real-time flow forecasts for the next 10 days, which are updated daily during the spring freshet season.  (As of August 1st, 2018, the CLEVER Model is no longer updated until the start of 2019 freshet unless storms are forecast or happening in the non-coastal regions of BC.)

WARNS Model Forecasts

The WARNS Model provides discharge and water level forecasts for the Fraser River and its major tributaries. WARNS model forecasts are updated daily during the spring freshet season.

Lower Fraser River Monitoring & Forecasting

The province provides regular water-level forecasts for the lower Fraser River:

          Link to the Lower Fraser River Water Level Forecasting (PDF, 60KB)