Lower Mainland Emergency Planning Floodplain Maps

The risk of catastrophic loss from flood is greatest in in the Lower Mainland because of a large population and significant infrastructure built in the floodplain area. For the purposes of flood emergency planning, the B.C. Government has provided floodplain maps showing dikes and other flood protection structures on the extent of the Fraser River floodplain.

The emergency planning maps for the Lower Fraser River have been updated to reflect minor changes to the diking system since 2009. The Fraser River flood profile and freeboard remains unchanged.


Floodplain boundaries and supporting flood protection data are provided to support broad-based floodplain management reviews and land use planning only and not intended to replace detailed hardcopy floodplain mapping drawings designated under the 1987 Canada–B.C. Floodplain Mapping Agreement. Flooding may still occur outside of the designated floodplain areas.

The B.C. Government accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or content of the data shown on these maps. All data is subject to change and cannot be used for legal descriptions. The most current digital files may or may not be posted.