Flood Protection Structures in B.C.

Information about British Columbia's flood protection infrastructure is provided in this section. These important resources support the provincial Inspector of Dike’s regulatory responsibilities, including flood emergency planning, broad-based floodplain management and other related activities.

Flood Protection Works Database

The B.C. Flood Protection Works Database provides a comprehensive list of flood protection structures in the province. Each factsheet indicates:

  • The structure type (dike or other)
  • The structure length
  • Whether the structure is regulated under the Dike Maintenance Act
  • Contact information for the structure

Search for a flood protection structure by the river it is adjacent to or by the local responsible authority (updated August 2019):

Dike Inventory

The Lower Mainland dike inventory series of map sheets show flood protection works regulated under the Dike Maintenance Act.

As-Built Drawings

Access as-built drawings, studies, and significant reports for dikes operated and maintained in the Lower Mainland.

Orphan Dikes

There are over 100 flood protection works in B.C. which are not maintained by a diking authority. As many of these works were constructed under emergency conditions, they generally lack adequate planning and engineering design. Local emergency plans should address any specific risks that may be associated with these works.