Compliance verification for site identification

When requesting a release notice under Scenarios 2 and 3, the director may impose requirements for independent remediation under Section 54 (3) (d) of EMA to ensure that the proposed remediation plan is carried out. Depending on the remediation schedule provided, the director may require submission of a:

  • progress statement
  • confirmation of remediation report upon completion of the remediation
  • performance verification plan (PVP), if applicable

In most cases, remediation must be completed within five years following the issue date of the release letter. The ministry tracks these reporting requirements and this information is available on the site registry.

All compliance verification documents must be submitted with a contaminated sites services application form and fees will be applied according to Table 3 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation Schedule 3. Please see the Apply for Services webpage for more information.

Progress statements

Progress statements must be completed by an Approved Professional in letter report format. The frequency and information required in a progress statement is described in the release letter. Progress statements must be submitted even if the project has been delayed or no remediation has occurred during the reporting period.

Confirmation of remediation reports

The contents of the report must meet the requirements set forth in Section 49 (2) (b) of the CSR. The report should be accompanied by a statement of assurance from an Approved Professional confirming that:

  • remediation was completed according to the remediation plan (or variation approved by the director)
  • the site would be eligible for a Certificate of Compliance (for Scenario 3 only)

Note that a separate confirmation of remediation report is not required if a determination that the site is not contaminated or a certificate of compliance is obtained for the site within the five-year remediation period.

Document verification

Document verification reviews are carried out on release request submissions for Scenario 2 and 3 to confirm the submission of complete and sufficient supporting documentation (for example, preliminary or detailed site investigation, remediation plan). The submissions are selected by the ministry at random to ensure administrative fairness and to ensure they are representative of the range of submissions. Reviews are completed before the issuance of a release letter by the ministry.

The information on this webpage does not replace the legislative requirements in the Environmental Management Act or its regulations. It does not list all provisions for contaminated site services. If there are differences between this information and the Act, Regulation, or Protocols, the Act, Regulation and Protocols apply.