Residential Heating Oil Storage Tanks

Oil tanks have been used to heat homes for decades – they can either be aboveground or buried. Tanks are becoming obsolete as more effective heating methods are introduced.

The removal and remediation of residential heating oil storage tanks must meet specific requirements. The B.C. Fire Code regulates how all storage tanks over 2500 litres are managed in the province. It’s best to hire a specialist who knows how to complete the process successfully.

Please note that the government does not provide funding for tank removals or maintain a database of tanks that have been installed or removed. Check with the local municipality for information about a specific property.

Contaminant Migration

Petroleum hydrocarbons and other substances can easily leak from underground storage tanks and migrate to other properties. Find out how this impacts the remediation process:


The Environmental Management Act and Contaminated Sites Regulation provide principles of liability for the cost of cleaning up a contaminated site. Find out who’s responsible: