Information on sites

Information about environmental investigation and remediation of properties in B.C. is available to the public through the site registry. Each property in the site registry is assigned a unique Site ID number. The site registry consists of both electronic and paper records. It is important to note that the site registry is not just a registry of contaminated sites. Some sites in the registry are contaminated; some are not contaminated; others may be in different stages of investigation or remediation; while other sites have been remediated to specific land-use standards.

The site registry can be a helpful resource for anyone interested in the environmental condition of a property. Site information enquiries are an important part of making informed business decisions and can potentially limit environmental liability when considering the purchase or development of a site. 

Accessing site registry information

The electronic site registry is accessed and viewed through BC OnLine. Copies of the site registry’s electronic and paper records can be obtained using the ministry’s Site Information Request.  Please contact the Site Information Advisor for further advice.

Fees apply for information-related services.

Other sources of information

Properties included in the site registry may also be identified using the 'Environmental Remediation Sites' layer of iMapBC

Information on environmental conditions at sites in BC may also be available through the following: