Groundwater Model (Version 2009)


  1. Users should download the file to their own computer before attempting to run it.
  2. The model should be run with Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier version.
  3. The opening dialog box in the model indicating an expiry date of December 31, 2008 can be ignored.
  4. The most current groundwater standards should be input into the model prior to running it.

Some users have reported issues relating to the Excel add-in called Solver. We are currently working on a permanent solution to avoid these issues. However, in the meantime try the following steps if you are having such problems. If you continue to have problems, please email George Szefer for advice.

  1. Close Excel and all workbooks
  2. Open Excel
  3. Click on Tools / Solver / OK
  4. Open SSNS workbook
  5. Save SSNS workbook
  6. Close Excel
  7. Open Excel
  8. Open SSNS workbook
  9. Try to run the model