Requests for Comments

Updated Omnibus Guidance Documents

As a result of Stage 10 (Omnibus) amendments to the Contaminated Sites Regulation, guidance documents are being updated. The following ten documents are open for comment until September 5, 2017. Comments should be sent to

The four documents below were closed for comment April 28, 2017. 

Technical Guidance 17 (PDF), while not open for comment, is available for review in conjunction with Protocol 4.

Soil Relocation Intentions Paper

The Soil Relocation Intentions Paper (PDF) was open for public comment until August 31, 2016 as part of the process to update soil relocation in the CSR. Soil Relocation - Summary of Public Comments (PDF)

Site Identification Intentions Paper

The Site Identification Intentions Paper (PDF) was open for public comment until August 31, 2016 as part of the process to update site identification in the CSR. Site Identification - Summary of Public Comments (PDF)

Omnibus Updating of CSR Standards, Draft Discussion Documents

The following two supplemental papers were open for public comment until January 4, 2016 as part of the Omnibus updating of the CSR. Questions and comments on these documents were directed to Dr. Glyn Fox, Head, Science & Standards.

Response to Previous Requests for Comments

Updated Guidance Documents

In early 2015 a series of land remediation guidance documents were released for public comment.  Ten of those documents have now been finalized and are posted to the website. The responses to comments received are available here:

Omnibus Updating of CSR Standards

Following public consultation on the Omnibus draft discussion documents, the Ministry has compiled a Summary of Comments and Response to Public Commentds (PDF).

Site Profiles and Soil Relocation Papers

Following public consultation on the Discussion Papers titled Identification of Potentially Contaminated Sites (PDF) and Prevention of Site Contamination from Soil Relocation (PDF) the Ministry has compiled all comments received with a summary of trends in responses:

Archived Comments