Site Remediation Approvals

Director Approvals, Protocol 6 Pre-approvals & Water Use Determinations

The following workbook provides information on recent Director's decisions involving:

Readers should note that the workbook has a number of limitations with respect to its use. Separate approvals, preapprovals and determinations must be obtained for each site. A Director's decision for one site cannot be adopted for a different site.

However, in some cases the details and rationale used to support a previous Director's decision made at a particular site may be relevant and appropriate for use at another site. Where previously obtained information is used in support of a new application for a Director's decision at a site, the new application must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Director the relevance and applicability of the previous information to the site.

The ministry makes no representation or warranty related to the applicability of the information or the relevance of a Director's decision to any site other than the specific site for which a decision was provided. Further, the Director reserves the right to change or substitute different requirements related to a Director's decision where circumstances warrant.