Analytical Methods for Site Remediation

The following is information on analytical methods which have been developed to assess some specific substances referred to in the Contaminated Sites Regulation. Please consult the British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Manual for additional information related to analytical methods and the B.C. Environmental Laboratory Technical Advisory Committee.


Specific analytical methods required under the Contaminated Sites Regulation are currently provided in the British Columbia Environmental Laboratory Manual.


Extension of Time Period for EPH Equivalency to LEPH/HEPH

For contaminated sites regulatory purposes, the equivalency of extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (EPH) data with light extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (LEPH) and heavy extractable petroleum hydrocarbon (HEPH) data has been extended indefinitely by the Director of Waste Management.

Guidance on this matter is contained in the May 23, 2003 update: Clarification on Hydrocarbon Analytical Methods and Standards (PDF).