Independent Site Remediation

Independent remediation is allowed under the Environmental Management Act as long as notification is given at the start and at the completion of remediation – about half of the sites being cleaned up in B.C. are handled this way.

With the assistance of qualified environmental consultants:

  • Low risk sites may only require routine remediation treatment methods that are readily available
  • Remediation can be carried out with very little involvement from the government, which helps avoid unnecessary delays or paying fees

It’s important to note that independent remediation must meet specific requirements.

Giving Notice

The B.C. government must be notified of all independent remediation activities. It’s not enough to submit a site profile at the start of the remediation process, or a Certificate of Compliance application after remediation is completed. Official notification must be given within three days of starting any independent remediation activity and 90 days of completing independent remediation.

Any person undertaking remediation must provide notification – this could be the site owner, the Approved Professional or an independent third party (i.e., a company hired to remove a residential heating oil tank and manage any incidental waste).