Contaminated Sites and Real Estate

Site documentation is useful for developers, lawyers, lenders, real estate agents, land owners, purchasers and others involved in real estate transactions. These types of records are a vital part of conducting a due diligence search. For example, they could include:

  • Site profiles which vendors are required to provide to prospective buyers if a property has been used for the commercial or industrial purposes listed in Schedule 2 of the Contaminated Sites Regulation
  • Documents that explain the liability exposure for various parties involved in a real estate transaction

Lookup site information or use these resources for guidance on completing due diligence tasks:

Site Profiles

The site profile system is a process used to screen potentially contaminated sites in B.C. Find out when site profiles are required and details associated with site investigations.

Remediation Liability

Find out who’s responsible for cleanup and remediation if a site is contaminated.