Wood Stove Exchange Program Owner Information

How to Apply for a Rebate

  1. Find your local exchange program and contact the organizers.
  2. Go through the steps outlined by your local program. Following the local process is essential to qualifying for a rebate. This will generally require you to provide proof your old stove has been in use, qualifying replacement appliance has been installed in compliance with local building regulations, and your old stove destroyed.
  3. Apply for and receive the provincial rebate. The provincial rebate is:
    1. $400 for an exchange from an old wood stove to an electric heat pump, pellet stove, or natural gas or propane appliance.
    2. $250 for an exchange from an old wood stove to a new certified wood burning appliance or an electric insert.
    3. The total rebate will never be more than the cost of the appliance.

Additional Incentives

  • Some communities provide a top off to the provincial rebates, ranging from $50 to $500.
  • Some participating dealers may offer discounts in addition to the provincial rebates.
  • Additional incentives may be available for heat pumps and natural gas stoves. Check Efficiency BC for available incentives.

Recycling Your Old Stove

Old stoves must not be used again and must be destroyed. To destroy a stove:

  • Remove the doors
  • Bash in the flue collar
  • Remove the firebrick from the appliance
  • Deliver the body to the designated public works yards or transfer station where it can be picked up by a recycler

Check with your local program to determine what procedures are set up for destroying and recycling old stoves in your region.