Wood stove exchange program eligible appliances

If you have one of these wood stoves, you may be eligible to apply to the Wood Stove Exchange Program.

A homemade stove

Homemade stove

A barrel stove

Barrel stove

A free standing stove

Free-standing non-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified stove

An airtight fireplace

An airtight non-EPA-certified fireplace insert or tube-type heat exchanger with a face plate and door that is installed in an open-hearth fireplace.

A wood furnace

A non-EPA-certified wood furnace (ducted, forced-air, home-heating appliance). 

A cook stove

A wood-burning cook stove.

Other eligible appliances

 Outdoor wood boilers (OWBs) may be allowed as eligible appliances for exchange. Check with your exchange program community coordinators for information.

Qualifying products to replace original appliances

Note that participating communities may restrict the list of qualifying appliances in their area.

  1. An EPA-certified wood stove or pellet stove or an Enerchoice designated gas or propane fueled stove or fireplace
  2. An EPA-certified wood insert or pellet insert, an Enerchoice designated gas or propane fueled insert, or an electric insert
  3. An EPA-certified factory-built wood fireplace
    • This may only be accepted if it is replacing a non-EPA-certified wood stove or non-EPA-certified wood insert and not an existing factory-built fireplace
  4. An electric heat pump that meets the criteria for BC Hydro’s heat pump rebate
  5. An EPA or CSA B415 certified wood or pellet furnace ONLY if it is replacing an existing uncertified wood-burning furnace

Products that don't qualify as replacements

  • A new insert to an existing open-hearth fireplace that doesn’t currently have an insert installed in it, an exchange of an existing wood appliance must take place
  • Electric stoves or fireplaces (replacement electric inserts are allowed)
  • Factory-built (zero-clearance) fireplaces
  • Wood cook stoves: Cook stoves are EPA exempt and not covered by this program and may be replaced by an EPA-certified stove or other non-cooking product within the qualification list above
  • Tin heaters/tent stoves or any appliance not used in a residential application

EPA-Certified factory-built fireplaces

These fireplaces are essentially wood stoves in a zero-clearance configuration that have by choice been tested to EPA standards. Generally, existing factory-builts are meant for aesthetic occasional use and, therefore, the rules about open hearths apply to them.