Wood Stove Exchange Funding Information

As part of the wood stove exchange program, the Province offers funding to eligible applicants to initiate a local program.

Who can apply for funding?

Any local government, non-profit organization, or airshed or air quality management organization in B.C. is eligible to receive funds to implement a program.

Organizations applying for funding must demonstrate:

  • High local or regional need
  • Strong community buy-in
  • Capacity to deliver the program, and
  • Offer a long-term plan for education and program sustainability

Individual communities may submit proposals or join with other communities or the regional district to submit a proposal. Communities are encouraged to offer the program over multiple years in order to build momentum and encourage lasting change.

Programs can be operated all year round, in the fall, or in March and April during the industry discount period.

Apply for Funding

Groups interested in implementing or extending an exchange program starting in winter 2020/21 are invited to submit a proposal. The application deadline closes on September 23, 2020.

Funding Decisions