Trade Agreement & Policy

Trade agreements have proven to be one of the best ways to improve trade conditions for exporters and investors.  They reduce export and investment barriers, and protect the interests of companies exporting and investing in other countries. 

Trade is an important driver of economic growth in British Columbia that leads to job creation and higher wages for the province’s workers.  British Columbia’s small, open economy has gained from the expansion of global trade in the last several decades, with the value of goods and services exported rising 71% between 1988 and 2010, outstripping Canada’s overall GDP growth.

Removing or reducing barriers to trade and investment and mitigating impacts in sectors affected by increased foreign competition have been proven to stimulate economic growth. The removal of trade barriers is of key importance. Unnecessary barriers to trade can impair productivity and competitiveness.

British Columbia is a leader and active partner in numerous domestic and international trade-related initiatives with the goal of improving the Province’s economic competitiveness by improving market access and removing restrictive and unnecessary barriers to trade, investment and labour mobility.