Start a New Inquiry

The WAO provides workers, their dependants and other stakeholders with independent advice, assistance, representation, training and mentoring with respect to workers' compensation issues.

Start a new inquiry with us if:

  • You would like advice or assistance on a potential appeal
  • WorkSafeBC refused or failed to provide you with a decision on an issue of entitlement under the Workers Compensation Act
  • You received a decision from WorkSafeBC about an injury claim for compensation but disagree with the decision
  • Your employment or membership in a union was terminated from raising a health and safety concern and you are thinking of filing a Prohibited Action Complaint with Worksafe BC
  • WorkSafeBC declined to accept your complaint, form 57W1, for Prohibited Action under sections 47 and 48 of the Workers Compensation Act
  • You need advice on a prevention matter involving an administrative penalty against an employer, an order issued against you as a worker, or, an inspection report

Make sure you are aware of your deadlines and that you send your information and forms in on time

  • Help you understand the Workers Compensation Act and WorkSafeBC's policies and procedures
  • Provide you or anyone else who is helping you with information about your claim
  • Help you with a Request for Review at the Review Division or an Appeal at the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal regarding a WorkSafeBC decision
  • In some cases, represent you during a review or an appeal
  • You wish to make a claim for injury or occupational disease
  • You wish to complain about the employer's response to a health and safety concern
  • You have questions about the status of your claim
  • You have questions about why a particular decision was made by WorkSafeBC
  • You want WorkSafeBC to make a decision on your claim
  • General questions about workers compensation law and/or WorkSafeBC policies
For information on your claim status please call WorkSafeBC directly at 1 888 967-5377