2017 Learning Symposium

Claims Strategies and Alternatives to Appeal

The Learning Symposium is intended to enhance participants’ working knowledge about claims management strategies and alternatives to appeals. 

This full-day symposium will address:

  1. Where to start: identifying issues and creating a case plan.
  2. To appeal or not to appeal: assessing the risks and benefits of an appeal.
  3. Alternatives to appeal: issues that have not yet been decided, reconsiderations and reopening.

The Agenda includes case studies and presentations by staff from the Workers’ Advisers Office. 

Interested in additional learning opportunities?  The Workers’ Advisers Office is also offering the following courses at no cost:

  • Level One: Introduction to Workers’ Compensation – March 29, 2017
  • Level Two: Basic Oral and Written Presentation – April 26, 2017

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