The Workers' Advisers Office

The Workers’ Advisers Office (WAO) provides advice, assistance and representation to workers and their dependants concerning workers compensation issues under section 94 of the Workers Compensation Act. The WAO is independent from WorkSafeBC and WAO services are free of charge

Workers’ Advisers:

  • Help workers, their dependants, and their advocates understand WorkSafeBC policies and procedures; provide them with advice and assistance on claims and help them review or appeal a WorkSafeBC decision.
  • Prepare submissions and represent workers at WorkSafeBC and at hearings before the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT) in meritorious cases involving complex legal, medical or policy matters.
  • Assist and represent workers by preparing written submissions and by attending at mediations where employers have discriminated against workers regarding occupational health and safety matters; or where WorkSafeBC has ordered a penalty involving health and safety regulations.
  • Meet with WorkSafeBC officials to review and make recommendations to the Policy Department, Executive and Board of Directors.
  • Conduct training seminars and public speaking engagements on claims management and appeals.

To access WAO services workers should submit their inquiry online.

The WAO will require a worker’s claim number(s), contact details and some information about the issues for which they require assistance. 

For information on the status of your claim please call WorkSafeBC directly at 1 888 967-5377.