Resources for Domestic Workers and Employers

Questions about the Employment Standards Act can be answered by our information line (call toll-free 1 800 663-3316 or 250 612-4100 in Prince George) or in person at any of our offices. If you are making an inquiry, no personal information is required.

Branch publications, including a Guide to the Employment Standards Act for Domestic Workers and their Employers, the factsheets mentioned on this page and branch forms are available:

  • On request from our Information Line, toll-free 1 800 663-3316 or 250 612-4100 in Prince George.
  • At any of our Branch offices.

Filing a complaint

A complaint can be filed at any time during employment, but must be filed within six months after the last day of employment.

Other resources

Workers' Compensation -
604 273-2266 or 1 800 661-2112

Workers' Compensation is a compulsory workplace insurance plan paid for by employers. Any work-related illness or injury must be reported to the Workers' Compensation Board of British Columbia.

Medical Services Plan -
604 683-7151 or 1 800 663-7100

This agency provides medical insurance for persons residing in B.C.

BC Human Rights Tribunal -
604 775-2000 or 1 888 440-8844

Employers are required to provide a workplace free from sexual harassment, and from discrimination because of race, religion, gender, colour, ancestry, place of origin, marital and family status, physical and mental disabilities, political belief, or a criminal conviction if unrelated to work responsibilities.

Federal resources

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency -
604 959-8281

Employers are required to make the appropriate deductions from wages for income tax, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan, and to send that money to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Domestic workers are entitled to a "T4" form by the end of February setting out their earnings in the previous year.

Employment Insurance -
604 682-5400 or 1 800 206-7218

Domestic workers are entitled to a Record of Employment when the employment relationship ends.

Access to immigrant-serving organizations

Organizations serving immigrants are listed in the white pages of the telephone book, often by the name of the community they serve, or in some cases the cultural group they represent.

Another source of information is the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies (AMSSA) of British Columbia, a coalition of over 75 organizations providing multicultural and immigrant settlement services in British Columbia. AMSSA has a list of agencies, and can be accessed by phone at 604 718-2780 or at on the Internet.

Another useful source of information is the British Columbia Newcomer's Guide to Resources and Services. It is available through local libraries, settlement agencies, or from the Immigrant Integration Branch office in Vancouver at 604 660-2203.