Employment of Young People in Entertainment

There are a number of specific regulations that apply to young people in the entertainment industry and their employers in British Columbia.

The recorded entertainment industry means the film, radio, video or television industry and the television and radio commercials industry.

The regulations in Part 7.1 Division 2 apply to young people under 15 years of age employed as actors or extras in the recorded entertainment industry.

The live entertainment industry means the performing arts industry including theatre, dance, music, opera or circus. The regulations in Part 7.1 Division 3 apply to young people between the ages of 4 – 14 employed as performers, including background performers or extras in the live entertainment industry.

Children under the age of four are not covered by the provisions of Part 7.1 Division 3. An application for a child employment permit would have to be made to the Director of Employment Standards in order for a child under the age of four to participate in a performance. Information can be found at Employment of Young People.

In addition to regulations for young people in entertainment, B.C. also has regulations for talent agencies.