Protecting child performers is everyone's role

Talent agencies must submit a declaration to be licensed

Starting in February 2020, every talent agent, director, officer, partner or person who directs the affairs of a talent agency will be required to submit a notarized declaration (PDF, 120 KB) to be issued a talent agency licence.

Licence applications won't be processed until a copy of each declaration is received.

The declaration sets standards for appropriate conduct and child safety

Talent agencies promoting child performers must conduct themselves appropriately and take seriously their obligation to ensure all people working with children act safely and appropriately.

Children are most at risk from people in a position of trust or power who use their position to harm a child. The Code of Conduct for Working With Child Performers (PDF, 380 KB) outlines the shared responsibility between parents, guardians and agencies that work with child performers to protect the safety of children.

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