Farm Labour Contractor Licence Package – Submission Requirements

Please return the completed package well in advance of your anticipated date of starting work to ensure adequate time is allowed to process your application.

If you are applying for a renewal, the package must be returned at least fifteen days prior tothe expiry date of your current licence.

The package may be returned via regular mail, courier or in person to the following address:

Employment Standards Branch
A207 – 20159 88 Avenue
Langley, BC V1M 0A4

Your package will be reviewed within seven days of receipt. An officer will contact you to discuss your application and ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act (“the Act”) and Employment Standards Regulation (“the Regulation”). You may be required to attend at an Employment Standards Branch office for an in-person interview. Once we are satisfied that all licensing requirements have been met, you will be issued a licence.

Any time changes are made to the information you have provided to the Branch (e.g. change of address, phone number, number of workers, vehicles used to transport workers, etc.), it is the responsibility of the Farm Labour Contractor to advise the Branch of these changes immediately. Failure to do so could result in monetary penalties.

A corporation that is licensed as a farm labour contractor must apply for a new licence within seven days after any changes in its directors or officers. If you fail to do so, your licence is void and must be surrendered.

Failure to provide all information required will cause delays in acquiring your Farm Labour Contractor Licence; therefore, please ensure that ALL of the following steps are completed BEFORE returning this package to the Employment Standards Branch.

1. Complete the application form for a farm labour contractor licence

Certain information from this form will be published on our website for public information, therefore, please ensure all information is accurate. As the licence must contain a physical address as opposed to a PO Box number, please provide both addresses if applicable. Also please provide a business telephone number where you can be contacted at all times. Remember this information will be available on the website where Producers may be contacting you for work. All applications, including renewals, must include an application form.

2. Licence Fees

  • $150.00 for a one year licence; OR
  • $450.00 for a three year licence; 
  • New licence applications are NOT eligible for a three year licence;
  • Applications from FLCs who have had their licence suspended or cancelled are NOT eligible for a three year licence;
  • Licence fees will not be refunded should a licence be cancelled;
  • Payment is required in the form of a regular cheque payable to “Director of Employment Standards”. 

3. ORIGINAL Bond or Irrevocable Letter(s) of Credit

Fax or other copies are not acceptable.

Financial Institutions may take up to two to three weeks to provide you with the Letter of Credit, therefore, take this into account when applying for a licence. Provide your financial institution with a copy of the letter “Letter to Financial Institution” included in the package.

To calculate the amount of your bond or letter or credit, multiply the minimum hourly wage by 80 hours and multiply the result by the number of employees specified in the licence.
e.g. $12.65 (min. wage) x 80 hours = $1,012.00 x 25 employees = $25,300.00
Please ensure that:

  • The expiry date on your Letter of Credit is six months after the expiry date of your licence;
  • The letter of credit contains an automatic renewal clause;            
  • You have provided the correct legal name of the Farm Labour Contractor. (e.g. Smith’s Farms Ltd. or John Smith operating as Smith Farms)

4. Confirmation of Direct Deposit Setup

You must provide written confirmation from a bank or credit union that you have obtained their services for your company. The name and branch address of the bank or credit union must be clearly stated in the letter. This confirmation must be received before a licence is issued to you.

5. WorkSafeBC Number

You must provide the Branch with a WorkSafeBC number and a clearance letter which states that your account is active and in good standing. The letter must be provided before a licence is issued to you and can be found online at:

6. Motor Vehicle Inspection Reports

Provide inspection reports for those vehicles that are currently being used for transporting workers. If other vehicles are licensed at a later date, inspection reports must be sent to the Branch immediately in person or by email, fax or regular mail.

Under the Vehicle Inspections & Standards Program, all vehicles used to transport workers must be inspected by trade qualified mechanics that are authorized through the Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement Branch (“CVSE”) and bear a valid certification of compliance. For further information on this requirement, please visit the CVSE website at:

7. Crops Checklist

Fill out and return with application package.

8. Release of Information Form

Fill out and return signed, witnessed copy by mail, courier or in person.

9. Vehicle Safety Notice

Print and place in vehicle where driver and all passengers can see it.

10. Successful completion of a written examination

The exam is administered by the Employment Standards Branch and is based on the requirements of the Act and Regulation. A passing mark of 80% must be achieved in order to pass this exam.

Review exam preparation information sheet and complete the exam. Your completed exam must be submitted along with your application package. If you do not pass the exam, you will be required to re-write it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (604) 513-4604.

Application package forms.