Employment Standards Self-Help: Solving Workplace Problems

The first thing to do is make sure that your problem can be dealt with under the Employment Standards Act, or if you should be talking to the Workers' Compensation Board, the Federal Government or another organization.

1. Are you an independent contractor?

2. Are you covered through a union by a collective agreement?

3. Is your problem about either a Record of Employment (ROE) or Employment Insurance (EI) claim?

4. Some businesses or even entire industries are covered by the federal government's labour standards. Do you work for any of the following?

  • Government of Canada
  • Armed Forces banks (not including credit unions)
  • Trucking that goes across B.C.'s border
  • Federal Crown corporations
  • Airlines and railways (except BC Rail)
  • Television, telephone, radio and cablevision
  • Marine shipping, longshoring, grain elevators

5. Is your concern about safety, or an injury at the workplace?