Employment Standards Self-Help: Solving Workplace Problems

1. Does the problem fall under the Act? Is it in one of these areas:

  • You were not paid money for hours you worked.
  • You were not paid overtime.
  • You were paid less than you thought you should be.
  • Money was deducted from your pay cheque to pay for the employer's business costs (i.e. dine and dash).
  • You were not paid for statutory holidays.
  • You did not get meal breaks or proper time off between shifts.
  • You did not get proper leave.
  • You did not receive minimum daily pay.
  • You did not get annual vacation or vacation pay.
  • You did not get notice of termination or pay when your employment was ended.
  • A talent agency took more than 15% from your pay.
  • You had to buy your uniform or pay for cleaning it.

2. Has the problem taken place within the past six (6) months?


If you no longer work for the employer, has it been less than six (6) months since your last day worked?

If you answered YES to BOTH questions, your problem is covered by the Act. If you answered NO to either question, the problem is not covered by the Act.

  • The Request for Payment form is important (PDF, 164KB). You will be calculating what you believe you are owed, and sending it directly to your employer. Calculate gross wages. Your employer may take statutory deductions.
  • Fill out only the sections that apply to your problem.
  • Add additional pages or calculations on separate pages if necessary to carefully explain your claim.
  • Sign your form.
  • Include the date and contact information.
  • Information Notice (PDF, 312KB) to the Employer from the Employment Standards Branch. It is a one page letter already written by us and included in this kit. Date this letter.
  • Your completed Request for Payment Form (PDF, 164KB).
  • Include the Factsheet on Complaint Resolution (PDF, 142KB).
  • Include other Factsheets that relate to the problem you have identified or the Guide to the Employment Standards Act.
  • Also include any information that has to do with the problem you have identified, and that may help clarify or resolve the dispute.
  • Keep a copy of the Request for Payment Form.
  • You can hand-deliver, mail or fax your package to your employer. Your employer will have 15 days to respond. If they agree with you, they will pay you directly, and your dispute regarding employment standards will be resolved.
  • If you and your employer don't resolve the problem, or if your employer does not respond to your request within 15 days, you may file a complaint with the Employment Standards Branch. Complaint forms are available at our offices and on our website.
  • To assist in the dispute resolution process, please enclose copies of any other records you may have, including hours of work, pay stubs, your Record of Employment , letters from your employer etc.
  • If you have any questions about the Self-Help Kit or the complaint resolution process, please contact the Employment Standards Branch Information line at: 1 800 663-3316 (toll-free in B.C.) or 250 612-4100 in the Prince George area.
  • We welcome feedback on how to make the Employment Standards Self-Help Kit better and easier to use.
  • If you are having difficulty using the kit, please contact:
    • Our toll-free information line at 1 800 663-3316 within British Columbia, or 250 612-4100 in the Prince George area or from outside the province.
    • You can also contact the nearest Employment Standards Office.
  • Complete the Feedback Form