Employment Standards Self-Help: Solving Workplace Problems

Problems that do not come under the Employment Standards complaint resolution process:

Independent Contractors

Independent contractors are not employees under the Employment Standards Act.

The relationship between an employer and an independent contractor is based on a contract. If you are having problems getting paid as an independent contractor you will need to seek legal advice. If the amount owing is less than $25,000 you may want to consider starting an action in Small Claims Court.

Collective Agreements

Disputes over how the Act applies to workers covered under a collective agreement must be resolved between the union and the employer.

You will need to contact your union for more information or assistance.

Record of Employment

The Record of Employment (ROE) is a form used by Employment Insurance to document earnings and hours of work for EI claims. If you are having problems getting your ROE from an employer, contact the nearest Service Canada office (Federal Government Blue Pages in the telephone book) or visit the federal government’s employment website.

Federally Regulated Employers

The rules for employers that come under federal regulation are set out in the Canada Labour Code. The Canada Labour Code covers industrial relations, labour standards, and occupational health and safety.

The Canada Labour Code is administered through regional and district offices throughout Canada.

Health and Safety

Most workplace health and safety matters are covered under the Workers Compensation Act. Please see the WorkSafeBC website. If your concern is about living conditions in work camps, please contact your nearest medical health office or regional health authority.