Employment Standards Self-Help: Solving Workplace Problems

In certain situations the Director of Employment Standards will accept a complaint without the employee having first used the Kit to resolve workplace issues. You are not required to use the Self-Help Kit if:

  • You are under the age of 19;
  • Your complaint is related to a leave provision of the Act (pregnancy leave, parental leave, family responsibility leave, bereavement leave, compassionate care leave, reservists’ leave, or jury duty);
  • The business has closed or the landlord or bailiff has locked the doors; or you are concerned that assets may be removed;
  • You are a farm worker, textile or garment worker, or domestic;
  • You have significant language or comprehension difficulties; or
  • You provide a letter that you have already sent to the employer identifying the issue or dispute under the Act and requesting a resolution.

For more information on exceptions, contact the Employment Standards Branch Information Line at: 1-800 663-3316 (toll-free in B.C.).

If you believe that one of the above circumstances applies to you, fill out a Complaint and Information Form and mail, hand deliver, or email it to an office of the Employment Standards Branch. Complaint forms are available at our offices and through our website.