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ESR Section 1 – Definitions – Short Haul Truck Driver


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This section contains definitions for terms used throughout the Employment Standards Regulation.

Text of Legislation

short haul truck driver” means a person employed to drive a truck, usually for a distance within a 160 km radius of their home terminal;

Policy Interpretation

A short haul truck driver:

  • Usually drives a truck inside a radius of 160 km from their home terminal.

Truck” is a motor vehicle larger than a van used to transport freight. Mini-vans and pick up trucks are not included in the definition; cube vans are. A tractor, used in combination with a trailer for road, and off-road, hauling of freight is a truck.

Home terminal” refers to the place of business of a motor carrier at which a driver ordinarily reports for work.

Radius” is the distance from the home terminal “as the crow flies”. It does not refer to the actual number of kilometers that a person drives on a given trip.

Usually” refers to whether the truck driver’s regular practice is to make long haul or short haul trips. The designation as “short haul” or ”long haul” is dependent on a comparison of the time spent driving within or outside 160 km radius from the home terminal.

For truck drivers that are employed to drive a truck, usually for a distance exceeding a 160 km radius from their home terminal, refer to definition of “long haul truck driver” under this section.

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