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This section contains definitions for terms used throughout the Employment Standards Regulation.

Text of Legislation

"newspaper" means a publication

(a) published on a regular schedule at least once a month in a newspaper format, and

(b) with at least 25% of its content composed of editorials, news and articles of local or common interest other than advertising,

and includes advertising circulars and advertising materials known as flyers that are sold or given away as part of a newspaper;

Policy Interpretation

A newspaper is a publication that is composed of at least 25% of news and editorial content and articles of local or common interest, other than advertising. In addition, it must be published on a regular schedule, at least once a month. A newspaper may include advertising circulars and/or materials known as flyers.

There are special rules for newspaper carriers regarding entitlements under the Employment Standards Act. Refer to s.37.4 of the Regulation.

Refer also to definition of “newspaper carrier” in this section of the Regulation.


A flyer on its own does not count as a newspaper because it does not contain at least 25% editorial, news and local or common interest content. If a flyer were included in a publication with a newspaper format, which was composed of at least 25% of the content specified above, then the flyer and newspaper together would be considered a single newspaper.

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