Minimum Hourly Wage - Regulation Part 4, Section 15


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This section sets out the minimum hourly wage for all employees under provincial jurisdiction. 

Text of Legislation

15. Subject to sections 16 to 18, the minimum wage is $16.75 an hour.

Policy Interpretation

Section 16 of the Employment Standards Act requires that employees must be paid at least the minimum wage as set out in the regulations. This section of the Regulation sets out the general minimum hourly wage rates.

Employers must pay an employee at least the agreed-upon rate of pay. This rate of pay must meet or exceed the minimum wage rates as set out in this Regulation.

The minimum wage rate established in this Regulation will be the wage rate enforced by the director if:

  • no agreement was reached between the parties on a wage rate; or
  • it is impossible to determine what wage rate was agreed to between the parties.

Subsection (1)

As of June 1, 2023, the minimum hourly wage in British Columbia is $16.75. This is an increase from the rate of $15.65 that was in effect from June 1, 2022 until May 31, 2023.

All employees under the jurisdiction of the Employment Standards Act are entitled to receive at least the minimum hourly wage, except for workers who have minimum wage rates established under the following sections of this Regulation:  

  • Section 16 – live in camp leaders
  • Section 17 – resident caretakers
  • Section 18 – farm workers


Under the Employment Standards Regulation, certain occupations and types of workers are excluded from the Employment Standards Act in its entirety, or from specified Parts or sections of the Act. (Refer to Part 7 of the Regulation)

Commission sales

For the rules governing the payment of minimum wage to certain commission salespersons refer to s.37.14 of this Regulation.

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