Keeping Records Factsheet

The Employment Standards Act requires employers to keep certain employment records. These records must be kept in English at the employer’s principal place of business in British Columbia for two years after the employee’s employment ends. Employment agencies are also required to keep certain records at the agency’s principal place of business in British Columbia for two years.

Payroll records

An employer must keep the following records for each employee:

  • The employee’s name, date of birth, occupation, telephone number and residential address;
  • The date the employment began;
  • The employee’s wage rate, whether paid hourly, by salary, commission, flat rate, piece rate or on some other basis;
  • The hours worked on each day, regardless of how the employee is paid;
  • The benefits paid to the employee;
  • The employee’s gross and net wages for each pay period;
  • The amount of and reason for each deduction made from the employee’s wages;
  • The dates of the statutory holidays taken by the employee and the amounts paid;
  • The dates of the annual vacation taken, the amounts paid, and the days and amounts owing;
  • The dates taken and amounts paid from the employee’s time bank, and the balance remaining.

Farm Labour Contractor Records

A farm labour contractor must keep a daily log at each work site. It must contain the following information:

  • The name of the producer and work site location to which workers are supplied and the names of the workers who work at that work site on that day;
  • The names of each worker and the dates worked;
  • The site where each worker works on each day;
  • The fruit, vegetable, berry or flower crop picked on each day by each worker; and
  • The volume or weight picked each day by each worker.

Employment agency records

An employment agency must keep records of the following:

  • The name and address of each employer for whom the employment agency provides a service; and
  • The name, occupation and address of each person who is directed to an employer for the purpose of being hired or who is provided with information about employers seeking employees.

Other records

Employers are also required to keep records of agreements made with employees regarding:

  • Substituting another day for a statutory holiday;
  • Implementing an averaging agreement; and
  • Reimbursing employees for cleaning and maintaining special clothing.

Employment Standards Branch
Province of British Columbia

This factsheet has been prepared for general information purposes. It is not a legal document. Please refer to the Employment Standards Act and Regulation for purposes of interpretation and application of the law. July 2016

For more information, please contact the Employment Standards Branch.