Program Updates and News

Program Updates:

Fourth Rural Dividend Intake Announced!

The fourth intake of the BC Rural Dividend Program will be open from November 15, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Please review the new Program Guide and supporting documents prior to submitting your application.

Third Intake Complete

The third intake for the Rural Dividend is now complete. Congratulations to all successful applicants!


BC Rural Dividend program announces fourth intake

BC Rural Dividend grants over $10 million for rural projects

Over $528,000 provides a boost to rural economies

Province accepting applications to Rural Dividend Fund April 3–May 31

New economic development strategy to build on B.C.’s rural advantages

BC Rural Dividend – over $750,000 granted to support rural families

BC Rural Dividend funds over $8 million in projects

BC Rural Dividend - over $464,000 granted for project development 

$75 million BC Rural Dividend helps small communities