Destination BC Co-op Marketing Partnerships Program


The Destination BC Co-op Marketing Partnerships Program is an application-based program that provides co-operative marketing and promotion support to Regional Destination Marketing Organizations, Community Consortiums, Sector Organizations or approved Individual and Paired Communities in British Columbia.  

Sectors or Community Consortiums (of three or more communities) may apply for amounts ranging from $20,000 to a potential maximum of $250,000, based on available funds and program uptake. Individual or Paired Communities that meet requirements may apply for up to $7,500 for each community.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Increase B.C. tourism revenues
  • Leverage private and public funds to maximize marketing impact and ROI for tourism businesses

The program is designed around two funding pools:

  1. An Open Pool of funds available to all qualified applicant groups on a competitive basis.
  2. A Reserved Pool of funds specifically earmarked for strategic marketing priorities that are fundamental to the provincial brand. This pool is available to a limited number of eligible applicants. Reserved Pool guidelines are provided directly to eligible applicants.

Special Requirements

Eligible activities include:

  • online marketing
  • paid advertising
  • print/online collateral
  • branding of collaborative efforts as part of a campaign
  • consumer-focused asset development
  • market research
  • consumer shows
  • marketing tactic coordination up to 15%

Review the Program Guidelines to find out more details.

Last updated: May 22, 2018