BC Innovation Council - BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative


The BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative is cultivating future technology leaders by bridging the innovation and entrepreneurial gap. It enables students to build desired skills for future career opportunities and inspires them to start their own companies, thereby creating quality jobs for British Columbians.

The program is delivered by BCIC’s technology industry partners, driven by regional industry needs.

Students are employed by B.C.-based technology companies through a BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative Voucher valued up to $7,500, which is matched by the company.

Special Requirements 

Students' eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a post-secondary student currently enrolled at a B.C. post-secondary institution
  • Is required to complete the ‘Virtual Market Validation Training’ offered through New Ventures BC, and companies must ensure this is completed
  • Is eligible for two vouchers per year
  • Can be a co-op student if the co-op position is not funded by any other co-op subsidization program
  • Must be employed a reasonable number of hours per week (approximately 25 hours) at a fair market value for a highly skilled student; in accordance with regional and industry differences factoring in local wages, types and lengths of projects

Companies' eligibility criteria:

  • Must be a B.C.-based technology company and participating in the program partner’s services or programs
  • Is eligible to receive two vouchers per year
  • Must provide a 1:1 matching contribution to the voucher funds (in-kind and/or in-cash)
  • Must provide adequate training (business, technical and innovation and entrepreneurial) to meet the program objectives
  • Must provide a project to the student
  • Company projects offered to students must be related to business, technical and innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, and cannot be general administrative duties

Last updated: August 29, 2017