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Communities throughout B.C. are improving their skills, knowledge, tools and other resources to reach their economic goals. This section features webinars to help you boost your community’s ability to develop strategies and plans, measure results, initiate and maintain collaboration, and access funding. 

Ride-Hailing: What Can Local Governments Expect? | Oct 10, 2019

How Can Free Trade Agreements Benefit Your Community? | Oct 3, 2019

Rural Dividend 6th Intake Info Session: Application Tips and FAQ's | Jul 15, 2019

2018 Local Economic Development Survey - Explaining the Survey Findings | Jun 17, 2019

Rural Dividend Info Session: 6th Intake Overview & Updates | Jun 19, 2019

Community Gaming Grants: 2019 Capital Project Grants Info Session | Apr 25, 2019

Regulation and Opportunity in the Recreational Cannabis Industry | Feb 5, 2019

Strategic Planning for Economic Development | Dec 4, 2018

Rural Dividend Program: 2018 Intake Info Session | July 17, 2018

Economic Reconciliation: Charting the Pathway | June 7, 2018

Crowdfunding for Economic Development | May 3, 2018

BC Economic Atlas: New features and functionality | Nov 2, 2017

Economic Development 101 | Mar 30, 2017

Aboriginal & Local Government Collaboration on Economic Development: A Dialogue of Understanding | Mar 23, 2017

Economic Development Disaster Planning and Recovery | Mar 21, 2017

Smart Economic Development with the Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement Toolkits | Mar 16, 2017

Economic Development 101 | Mar 9, 2017

Smart Economic Development with the Strategic Planning Toolkit | Mar 2, 2017

The BC Rural Dividend Fund: Q&A II | Sept 15, 2016

The BC Rural Dividend Fund: Q&A | May 17, 2016

Navigating Performance Measurement in Local Economic Development | May 16, 2016

Back to Basics Refresher on CARIP: Carbon Neutral Reporting | Mar 3, 2016

British Columbia Economic Atlas | May 28, 2015

Community Economic Development is an inclusive process improving outcomes for the whole community, and equity-seeking groups in particular. In this section, you can learn about community-owned initiatives that are stabilizing local economies, creating long-term employment, and delivering positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

Building Resilience | Apr 4, 2019

Social Enterprises | Oct 16, 2018

BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Great Taste, Great Opportunity | Mar 22, 2018

The Power of Buying Local | Apr 26, 2016

Social Enterprise and Enterprising Non-Profits | June 11, 2015

Land use planning and developing community assets like recreation facilities or transportation networks can create or enhance the economic opportunities for a community. In this section, discover inspiring examples of development throughout B.C. and find out about resources to support land and amenity development. This section also includes a focus on affordable housing and what communities can do towards providing housing for the workforce. 

Creating Economic Development Opportunities with Local Government Legislation | Oct 24, 2019

The More We Get Together: Innovation Spaces | Apr 12, 2018

Growing BC's Tourism Sector with RV Parks and Campgrounds | Apr 5, 2018

Save Money by Connecting Asset Management to Land Use | Nov 24, 2016

Development Approvals Made Easy | Oct 29, 2015

Ideas for Engaging Neighbourhoods on Affordable Market Housing | Nov 27, 2014

Rental Renaissance: How to Support a Flourishing Rental Housing Sector in Your Community | Oct 30, 2014

Growth Pressures: Housing Needs in Communities Experiencing Industrial Growth | Oct 2, 2014

Finding the Right Balance: Community Amenity Contributions and Affordable Housing | June 19, 2014

Secondary Suites: What Works, What Doesn't? | Jan 30, 2014

Where do Housing Costs Come From: A Developer's Inside Peek | Nov 28, 2013

Drivers Affecting Housing Affordability | Oct 23, 2013

Indigenous organizations are advancing the economic self-determination and success of Indigenous people throughout B.C. with a range of strategies. In this section, you can see how First Nations and Indigenous communities are moving forward through ingenuity and collaboration. 

Economic Reconciliation: Charting the Pathway | June 7, 2018

Aboriginal & Local Government Collaboration on Economic Development: A Dialogue of Understanding | Mar 23, 2017  

Working with Aboriginal Businesses: Building Partnerships in Tourism | Apr 12, 2016  

Local economic development calls for savvy promotion through investment attraction, tourism marketing and resident attraction and retention. In this section, you can learn from other communities and enhance your own toolkit for promoting your community for economic development. 

What to Say to Foster Visitation: Post-Wildfire Marketing Messages and Strategies | June 6, 2019

Attract Investment and Promote your Community with | Nov 15, 2016

Building community through Social Media | Mar 31, 2016

A vital and robust local economy needs a dynamic and growing business sector. In this section, you can see examples and learn more about supporting existing businesses to improve conditions for success, while growing the next generation of businesses through entrepreneurship. 

Insights on Small-Scale Licenced Cannabis Production in B.C. | Nov 7, 2019

Accessing Capital in Small Communities: Debt Capital | Jun 20, 2019

Accessing Capital in Small Communities: Equity Capital | Mar 21, 2019  

BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Working with Industry and Business | Nov 22, 2018

Supporting Business Succession in Your Community | Nov 6, 2018

Economic Development with Business Improvement Associations | May 31, 2018

Business Retention and Expansion Basics | Mar 13, 2017

Youth Entrepreneurship: Raising Business in your Community | Nov 23, 2016

Working with Aboriginal Businesses: Building Partnerships in Tourism | Apr 12, 2016

Growing Export Markets in Agrifoods Manufacturing | June 25, 2015

Resources from Small Business BC | Apr 23, 2015

Technology as an industry sector is growing in B.C., while innovative uses of technology are invigorating existing industries to support economic sustainability. This section looks at how technology and innovation are transforming local economies and supporting community well-being. 

TechDev101: Benchmarking Your Community and Measuring Its Progress | Oct 3, 2018

Community Readiness for Rural Connectivity | Sept 27, 2018 (re-recorded Oct 5, 2018)

TechDev101: Building a Supportive Community and Culture for Technology and Innovation | Sept 18, 2018

TechDev101: Innovation Ecosystem Canvas | June 19, 2018

Innovation Partnerships with Post-Secondary Institutions | Mar 6, 2018

Geothermal: Heating up Rural Economic Development | Feb 28, 2017

Technology: The BC Venture Acceleration Program | Nov 13, 2014

Green Energy as an Economic Development Tool | Feb 20, 2014

Communities throughout B.C. are using a wide range of strategies to help companies meet their workforce needs. In this section, learn about developing your community’s workforce through industry and education partnerships, skills development, immigration programs and increasing access to jobs for workers who face barriers. 

BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Working with Industry and Business | Nov 22, 2018

BC Ideas Exchange Story Showcase: Workforce Development Stories | June 28, 2018

Attracting International Students to your Community | Oct 1, 2015


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