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Gold Country 

The Challenge: Come on Down to Gold Country! 

Gold Country is set in the heart of B.C.’s Interior and offers a wealth of rich and diverse experiences for tourists. From Alpine meadows, gold panning, and First Nations culture to winter sports, arts and culture, wilderness and geotourism, there’s a lot to explore. So how do you wrap it all up in one neat package?  You recruit the locals to lip dub and produce a boot stomping video! 

The Solution: Pride in Gold Country 

Gold Country Communities Society partnered up with Kamloops business Joy Factory Films and the Thompson Nicola Film Commission to create a lipdub video to promote Gold Country in a unique and impactful way. The video was filmed completely in the Gold Country area and used residents for local talent. Each community in Gold Country was represented and each season was featured to create a well-rounded production.

The unique opportunity to share Gold Country on a larger stage was well received throughout the area and participants were overjoyed to be involved in boasting about the great activities and sights that can be experienced in the Gold Country region. The video was released onto Gold Country's Youtube channel in November 2015 and social media platforms were used to advertise and share the video. The response was amazing.


Watch the Gold Country Video Clip


Benefits: Striking Gold 

  • Local residents were intrigued by the video and reminded of the great activities and sights in their own backyard
  • Filming the video brought revenue to each host community, both through the filming process, and the attractions and restaurants visited during the filming
  • All residents featured in the video were paid a fee, adding stimulus to local economies  

Outcomes: Spreading the Word 

  • The response on Youtube and other social media channels has been amazing
  • The video has attracted visitors to Gold Country and continues to do so
  • The film-making project was itself economic gold for the communities involved