Social Innovation

Find out how we're working with others to create better social outcomes through social innovation. Government, business and communities all play a role.

By working together, we can create real, lasting change: 

  • Businesses can have a social impact as well as make a profit 
  • Funders, lenders and investors can finance businesses that provide both a financial and social return 
  • Government can create policies that help support social innovation

Moving Social Innovation Forward in B.C.

In January 2011, the Premier appointed the BC Social Innovation Council. The council made recommendations on how to maximize social innovation in B.C. In April 2012, the Council presented its Action Plan (PDF)

This Action Plan continues to guide the B.C. government's work.  Recent activities include:

  • Proclaiming Social Enterprise Month in 2014 and 2015 to celebrate and showcase B.C.’s social enterprise sector
  • Establishing, with our partners in the business and non-profit sectors, the BC Partners for Social Impact
  • Launching, B.C.’s online social innovation community 
  • Creation of a new corporation type—the Community Contribution Company—to support social enterprises to attract investors and customers
  • Development of the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation’s Social Impact Purchasing Guidelines

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