Restoring Confidence App

Businesses can increase customer confidence and show how they plan to follow health and safety guidelines during the pandemic by creating a COVID-19 local business poster using the Restoring Confidence App.

Last updated: September 30, 2020

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Develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan

All businesses must have COVID-19 Safety Plan to operate. On May 14, 2020, the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) issued a Workplace COVID-19 Safety Plans order.

  • Employers must post a copy of their COVID-19 Safety Plan at their business and website 
  • A COVID-19 Safety Plan helps employees and customers to be aware of the safety steps that have been taken to protect them during the COVID-19 pandemic

WorkSafeBC supports employers to help create their plan via the COVID-19 Safety Plan template and COVID-19 Safety Plan app

These tools and guidance comply with recommendations and guidelines issued by WorkSafeBC, which were developed in consultation with the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) and BC Public Health.

Share and promote your COVID-19 Safety Plan

Share and promote your business's COVID-19 Safety Plan by creating a COVID-19 local business poster using the Restoring Confidence App. Sign up using the online application form and create your own poster, complete with a scannable QR code. 

Participating is voluntary and easy:

  • Complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan as per health and workplace guidelines
  • Use the online application form to sign up and add your business information
  • Link to, or upload, your COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • Declare your business has published a COVID-19 Safety Plan and completed its requirements
  • Print out the local business poster, complete with a QR code, to post at your business so customers can access your COVID-19 Safety Plan and feel more confident to visit

Launch the application form

Note: Application form does not work with Internet Explorer

Increase customer confidence with a COVID-19 local business poster

Businesses can re-engage customers, restore customer confidence and encourage repeat business by promoting their COVID-19 Safety Plan and their compliance with health and workplace guidelines. 

Customers can:

  • Scan a QR code posted at a business location or website to quickly view the business's COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • Feel reassured that businesses have taken a thoughtful approach to make their business safe for employees and customers

What's a QR code?

Image of QR code

A QR (quick response) code is a free, scannable bar code that can be read by smartphones to view additional information.

A unique QR code is included on each COVID-19 local business poster and is an easy way for customers to view a business's COVID-19 Safety Plan.