BC Small Business Accord

We embarked on creating the BC Small Business Accord to ensure that government is doing all it can to support small business; our commitment to improve our interactions with small business and ensure government initiatives and services consider their needs.

Through community consultations, on-line surveys and an extremely successful Twitter Town Hall, over 35,000 individuals participated in the process which took place from November 2012 to February 2013.

We continue to shape government policy and program decisions based on the Accord principles. 

Our Principles

  • Consider the needs and impacts of small businesses in policy and program decisions to enhance business certainty, access to qualified labour, access to capital and technology adoption.
  • Foster a regulatory environment that small business can access, navigate and influence effectively and efficiently.
  • Design government programs and resources affecting small business so that they are well developed, accessible, properly funded and effectively communicated.
  • Foster thoughtful collaboration among all levels of government, including First Nations.
  • Deploy educational and training programs that are future-focused and aligned to meet the changing needs of small business and the labour talent it develops.
  • Create long-term growth opportunities for small business through government procurement.

Taking Action

The BC Small Business Accord is a living document that will evolve and change to meet the ongoing needs and interests of the small business community. We are now in our third year of the Accord initiative, and are pleased to report the following:

Programs and Services Supporting Small Business

Small Business Resource Publications

Canada - B.C. Job Grant

  • Learn the details here.

Starting a Restaurant in B.C. Project

  • ​​View the step-by-step guide and checklist here.

 Business Walks

Open For Business Awards

  • Continue to encourage local governments to apply for an Open for Business Award and share how they are adopting the Small Business Accord principles.
  • Expand the Open for Business Awards to include First Nation communities.

Small Business Awareness Strategy