Qualifying for a Security Worker Licence


If you were born in Canada and are ordinarily resident here you must provide the Registrar with a:

If you were not born in Canada, but are ordinarily resident here, you must provide the Registrar with copies (front and back) of one of the following:

  • Record of Landing Document
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document
  • Permanent Residence Card, or
  • Citizenship Certificate Card
  • Work permit, or
  • Study Permit

If you are in Canada on a study or work permit the Registrar will place a condition on your licence that indicates that your security licence will only be valid for the term of your permit.


You will need to prove your identity by providing the Registrar with one of the following valid pieces of photo identification:

Passport Quality Photograph

When you apply for a security worker licence, you must submit a passport-quality photograph of yourself that has been taken within the past 12 months. Passport quality specifies a photo that is a clear, sharp, and in focus headshot, with no hats or tinted glasses (e.g. sunglasses or transition lenses), taken in a well lit area with uniform lighting, no shadows, glare, or flash reflections, and taken on a blank white background with a clear difference between your face, clothing, and background. Our office requires a new passport quality photograph every five years while holding a security worker licence.

For further information on Passport Quality Photographs, please review the Government of Canada’s Passport Photograph requirements found here.


Please note ink and roll fingerprints are no longer accepted effective July 2014.

You must provide the Registrar with your fingerprint results. Complete the first page of the Request for Fingerprinting Under the Security Services Act and take it to an approved digital fingerprinting agency. The second page will be completed by the agency which will return the completed slip at the bottom of the second page to you. Attach the slip to your application.

Fingerprints are only required for your first application. Once your fingerprint results are on file with the Registrar, it is unlikely that you will be required to repeat the process. However, in certain circumstances the Registrar may request that you do them again.

Contact your local RCMP detachment or municipal police force for digital fingerprinting services. You may also visit the RCMP website for a list of accredited third party digital fingerprinting agencies.

English Fluency

Armoured car guards, private investigators, alarm monitors, alarm responders, security guards and security guards under supervision must be sufficiently fluent in English in order to communicate with the public while carrying out their duties. Canadian Language Benchmark level five is the minimum language level you must meet in order to be licensed as a security worker in British Columbia.

Criminal, Police and Correctional Record Checks

When you apply for a security worker licence you also consent to the Registrar conducting criminal record, police information and correctional service record checks on you. These checks help the Registrar determine whether or not to approve your application.

The checks may reveal charges, convictions, peace bonds, recognizance orders, stay of proceedings, conditional and absolute discharges of any offence.

Under the Security Services Act, you have 14 days to notify the Registrar of any new charges or convictions filed against you.

Mental Health Condition Report

You must let the Registrar know of any mental health condition for which you are receiving treatment. This information helps the Registrar determine whether or not to approve your application. If you are receiving treatment, provide the Mental Health Condition Form to your doctor to complete.

If you come under the care of a doctor for a mental health condition while you are licensed, advise the Registrar using the form Reporting an Update to Current Security Worker Licence and provide the Mental Health Condition Form to your doctor to complete.

Police and Peace Officer Status

You may not hold a security worker licence in British Columbia if you are a member of a police force as defined in the Police Act.

However, you may be considered for a security worker licence if you are a:

  • Volunteer auxiliary or reserve constable
  • Sheriff
  • Corrections officer
  • Court-appointed bailiff, or
  • Special provincial constable or special municipal constable (defined in the Police Act)

You must provide a letter from your superior that lists what access you have to justice, court or police information systems with your application. These information systems must be listed by name. The letter must also explicitly state that you understand you may not use information from these systems while acting as a security worker.


You must be at least 19 to hold a security worker licence except for a locksmith under supervision, a security alarm installer under supervision or a security alarm monitor, for which you must be at least 16.