Assessing Risk of Security Worker Licence Applicant

Important Notice

Security Worker Licence Renewal Applicants: Due to delays in processing a large number of renewal applications, the Registrar of Security Services is temporarily extending, by two months, all valid one-year and two-year term security worker licences expiring between the months of October and December 2018 (inclusive).

As the maximum term for a security worker licence is three years, no further term extension is possible for renewal applicants holding a three-year licence. Pending renewal applications for holders of three-year security worker licences are being processed on a priority basis. All other applications will still be processed in date order received.

Temporary Extension Letter

A security worker holds a position of trust. When you apply for a security worker licence, the Registrar of Security Services has the authority under the Security Services Act to conduct an assessment to determine if you are suitable to work as a security worker.

An assessment can take up to 6 weeks to complete. Unless the Registrar advises otherwise, licensees who report a new criminal charge or conviction are permitted to work, as long as they hold a valid licence, during the assessment.

The Risk Assessment Process

If the Registrar determines that your suitability must be assessed, you will receive a written notice of the reason(s) for the assessment. Reasons include:

  • A criminal charge
  • A criminal conviction, or
  • An incident or circumstance that causes the Registrar concern

You will have the opportunity to provide written submissions to explain what happened and to give the reasons you believe you should be issued a security licence or allowed to retain a licence.

When your written submission and supporting documents such as reference letters and course completion certificates are received they will be provided to a Risk Assessment Investigator to review.

Based on the outcome of the Investigator’s review, the Registrar may:

  • Issue you a licence, or
  • Refuse, suspend or cancel your licence

If your licence is refused, suspended or cancelled, you will receive a letter that gives reasons for the decision. Application fees cannot be returned.

Licensing Reconsideration provides instructions on requesting that the Registrar reconsider the decision.