Now that You are Licenced Security Business

Read your licence to ensure it is correct. It should identify:

  • The legal name of your business
  • The types of services your business may offer
  • Any conditions attached to your licence, and
  • The date your licence expires

If you have any concerns about your licence, contact Security Programs.

What to Know

  • No one may be employed or engaged in any kind of security work unless that individual holds a current security worker licence for that kind of security work.
  • You must not use a dog without the Registrar’s authorization, which is listed on your licence along with any other conditions.
  • Regulations regarding vehicles, uniforms and advertising must be observed. Uniforms may not look like police uniforms. Some licences have specific rules regarding uniforms. For example:
    • Armoured car guards must wear uniforms, and
    • Private investigators must not wear uniforms
  • You must not issue badges to security workers.
  • You must not issue over-the-shoulder equipment belts linked to waist belts (known as Sam Browne belts) to security workers.
  • You must not issue batons, Tasers, pepper spray or any other items designed to injure or control another person or animal to a security worker.
  • You branch offices must:
    • Always operate under the same business name as your security business licence
    • Have a manager who is at least 19 and who is responsible for supervising your licensed security workers
    • Remain under direct control of the main security business (for payroll, administration, policy and procedures)
    • Be covered by the general liability insurance policy
  • You must update the Registrar whenever a branch of your security business is closed or a new one is opened.

Security Workers Under Supervision

There are four types of licences security workers may hold which carry the condition of “under supervision.” This type of licence allows workers to gain on-the-job training and experience and advises the employer that the worker is not fully licensed and has limited experience.

A locksmith, private investigator, security alarm installer or security guard under supervision must be adequately supervised by a fully licensed security worker with the same type of licence.

Additionally, a locksmith, private investigator and security alarm installer under supervision must work under written training plans developed by the security business, and the security business must conduct regular progress reviews with the employee. Finally, business owners must make their clients aware that the security worker is not yet fully licensed. See the Security Licensing Process and Licence Conditions Policy.

What to Do

  • You must keep your information with the Registrar up-to-date, including the names of the controlling members of the business. Use Reporting an Update to a Current Security Business Licence to report an update.
  • Your business licence may be affected if, for example, you take on a business partner or you decide to incorporate. See Changing a Licence for more information.
  • You must display your security business licence in a prominent and publicly accessible location in your head office and in each branch office.
  • You must keep your business records for a minimum of two calendar years and they must be made available at the request of an inspector.
  • You must keep records about your security workers for at least two calendar years and they must be made available for inspection at the request of an inspector. The records you must keep include:
    • Names
    • Dates of birth
    • Residential addresses
    • Licence numbers
    • Payroll records
    • Dates and hours of work, and
    • The type of security work employees performed on their shifts
  • You must file a Use of Force Report Incident Report with the Registrar whenever one of your security workers uses force against another person. Force includes:
    • Restraining a person
    • Using handcuffs
    • When a dog you are authorized to use attacks a person, or
    • Applying a physical force or a weapon against another person
  • You must keep a Restricted Key Log for restricted keys that records the name, address and phone number of anyone requesting a duplicate key including a key card or other lock operating device. The log must also include the date and the full name, address and phone number of the key’s owner, and the reason the key needs to be copied.
  • You must not place an advertisement or notice depicting violence against persons or property or imply that your security business is associated with a police force.

Processes Affecting You


  • Anyone who has a complaint about your security business or your workers can make a complaint to the Registrar, which may lead to an investigation.

Compliance and Enforcement

  • Your compliance with the conditions of your security business licence is monitored through inspections and complaints. If the information collected as a result of an inspection or investigation shows that you have committed a contravention, action may be taken against you.