Possessing Body Armour

In most cases, you must apply to the Registrar of Security Services for permission to possess body armour. You will be asked to demonstrate your need for the armour and you will be required to undergo criminal record, police information, and correctional service information checks.

There are, however, circumstances when you may possess body armour without a permit.

Legal Possession without a Permit

You can possess body armour without a permit while performing your job if you are a:

  • Private investigator, armoured car guard, security consultant; security guard, or body armour salesperson with a valid B.C. security worker licence
  • Peace officer, sheriff, correctional officer or conservation officer
  • Government employee and wearing armour is required or allowed in your job
  • Security guard registered as a gaming worker under the Gaming Control Act

You may also possess body armour without a permit if you hold a valid firearms licence issued under the Firearms Act (Canada).

Possession with an Exemption

If you do not meet the conditions listed above but believe you need to possess body armour because you are at risk of imminent harm, submit an application for a 90-day exemption to the Registrar.

To extend your current exemption, submit an Application for an Exemption from the Requirement to have a Body Armour Permit to the Registrar.


If you can legally possess body armour without a permit or you have an exemption, you must provide the licensed salesperson you are purchasing armour from with one of the following valid pieces of photo identification:

You must also provide the salesperson with:

  • Your full name, residential address, phone number or a copy of your valid security worker or business licence, or
  • The name and address of your employer and your badge number if you are a peace officer, or
  • The name and address of your employer and a signed statement from them saying you must wear body armour in your employment, or
  • The name and address of your employer and your official gaming worker identification card, or
  • Written evidence by the Registrar of Security Programs that you have a 90-day exemption, or
  • A valid firearms licence

When your licensed security employment or your exemption ends you must:

  • Return (or sell) your body armour to your employer
  • Destroy your armour
  • Sell your armour to another person who holds a valid security business licence that authorizes them to sell armour, or
  • Apply and be approved for a Body Armour Permit.