How to Apply for Limited Restoration

Limited restorations are only in effect for a limited period and the society is dissolved on the expiration of the limited period. Follow the steps below to apply for limited restoration of a society.


Step 1:  Contact Us

Contact the Societies Unit of BC Registries and Online Services (1 877 526-1526) to ensure the society you want restored has been dissolved. The Societies Unit will provide you with a society summary showing the date of dissolution and the information on file regarding the society’s directors and registered office at dissolution

Submit a name request through Societies Online to ensure the name you want to use for your restored society is available.

Why is this required? A society’s name is no longer protected (or reserved) once a society is dissolved, so the society’s original name may not be available at the time of restoration.


Step 3:  Publish Notification

Before applying to the registrar or making an application to the court, advertise your intent to restore the society in the British Columbia Gazette. The Notice of Restoration Application form and publication deadlines can be found on the Crown Publications website.

A copy of the British Columbia Gazette publication containing your notice will be mailed to you by Queen’s Printer.

Mail notice of your intent to restore the society to the mailing address of the society's registered office at dissolution and to all of the individuals who were directors at the time of dissolution.

The restoration of the dissolved society cannot be completed until 21 days after the later of

  • The date the notice was published in the Gazette
  • The latest date that a notice was mailed to the registered office address or an individual who was a director of the society at the time of the dissolution

If you are applying to the court for a limited restoration, make that application to the Supreme Court of British Columbia (the court)

Applying for a court order is a two part procedure.   First, file an application with the court.  Once the initial application has been filed with the court registry, submit a stamped copy of the filed application (consisting of a requisition to commence the proceeding and an affidavit) to the Corporate Registry to obtain the registrar's written consent to the restoration.  The registrar will provide the applicant with a letter of consent which will also outline any requirements the registrar may have.

Then, apply to the court for an order to restore the society.  Refer to the information package provided by the British Columbia Superior Courts for their requirements.

You will need the following information for the application:

  • Approved (reserved) name and name request number
  • Applicant information (see note below)
  • The date notice of restoration was published in the Gazette
  • The latest date notice was mailed to the registered office or director
  • Expiry date for the limited restoration
  • Court order documents (if the restoration is by court order)
  • A current registered office address

An email address for the society is also requested.

About the applicant: The applicant must be a person who

  • At the time of the dissolution was a member or director of the society
  • Is the heir or personal or other legal representative of a person who, at the time of the dissolution, was a member of the society
  • The court considers to be an appropriate person to make the application (in the case of an application to the court)

Download the application form for limited restoration (PDF)

Send the completed restoration application form, required documents and payment to:

BC Registries and Online Services

PO Box 9431 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC  V8W 9V3

Cheque or money order should be made payable to the Minister of Finance. You may also make payment through your BC Online account.


Certificate and Notification

Once the filing is complete and the society is restored, the applicant will receive a copy of the certificate of restoration. The society will receive certified copies of the restoration documents, including the certificate and the restoration application.

Notification of the restoration of the society will be published by the registrar.


Note:  A society does not have to wait 21 days before being restored if the society has been dissolved for less than a year and was dissolved for failure to file annual reports