Occupational Title Societies

An occupational title society (OTS) is a special society established under the previous Act  (Society Act) that has as one of its purposes the representation of the interests of an occupation or profession.  OTS members have the exclusive right to use registered occupational titles or initials.

Existing OTSs are permitted to continue under the Societies Act but no new registrations are allowed.

Bylaw Changes

An OTS must obtain written consent of the registrar before changing bylaw provisions relating to the following:

  • Qualifications for admission to membership or a class of membership
  • Courses of study and examinations for members or applicants for membership
  • The conduct of members, ethics and standards of practice
  • Suspension, expulsion or other penalties for misconduct, incapacity or incompetence of members

Active Occupational Title Societies in B.C.

Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia

British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapy

British Columbia Art Therapy Association

British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists

British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists

British Columbia Veterinary Technologists Association

Building Officials Association of British Columbia

Canadian Information Processing Society of British Columbia (CIPS BC)

Cardiology Technologists Association of British Columbia

Home Inspectors Association BC

Interior Designers Institute of British Columbia

Medical Office Assistants Association of B.C.

PAMA, Professional Association of Managing Agents

Planning Institute of British Columbia

S.T.I.B.C. Society of Translators & Interpreters of British Columbia

Shiatsu Therapy Association of British Columbia

Supply Chain Management Association British Columbia

TAPEBC, The Association of Professional Electrologists of B.C.

The Institute of Certified Management Consultants of British Columbia

The Real Estate Institute of British Columbia

Westcoast Association of Visual Language Interpreters