About the Directors of a Society

A director is an individual (not an organization or corporation) who meets specific qualifications and is responsible for the management of a society. An individual who applies to incorporate a society may become a director but this is not a requirement.

How Many?

An ordinary society must have at least three directors and at least one of the directors must be resident in B.C.

A member-funded society needs only one director, and the director does not need to be a B.C. resident.


A director must be qualified under the Societies Act and the bylaws of the society.

Generally this is an individual (not an organization or a corporation) who

  • Is at least 18 years of age (younger directors may be permitted under certain conditions)
  • Capable of managing their own affairs
  • Is not undergoing bankruptcy
  • Has not been convicted of fraud or corporate offence within the last five years
  • Meets any additional qualifications noted in the society’s bylaws

Read directors requirements set out in section 44 of the Societies Act

Read requirements for younger directors set out in section 10 of Societies Regulation