Dissolution by Registrar

If a society has failed to file their annual report for two years, or fails to file any other return, notice or document required by the Act, the registrar may dissolve the society.

Dissolution Process

  1. A letter is sent to the registered office address of the society notifying the society there has been a failure to comply with the Act.
  2. If no response to the letter is received after one month from the date of the mailing that notifies the registrar that failures are being remedied, a notice is published by the registrar of the registrar's power to dissolve the society.
  3. At any time after the expiration of one month after the date of publication of the notice, and unless cause to the contrary is shown , the registrar may dissolve the society.
  4. Notice of the dissolution will be published by the registrar.

Request a Delay of Dissolution

If your society receives notice of dissolution from the registrar and the society intends to continue operations in B.C., you may request a delay of dissolution to enable your society to comply.  A delay of dissolution application must be submitted electronically through Societies Online.  You will require a Basic BCeID, the society incorporation number and registry key to request a delay of dissolution.  If your society does not have a registry key please contact the Societies Unit at 1 877 526-1526 for assistance.